White Dorper Sheep:

My flock consists of 200 purebred White Dorper ewes and 15 purebred Kiko goats. I am using purebred registered White Dorper rams to breed my ewes. All my sheep are commercial sheep that thrive on pasture without any grain ever. They are not registered, they are meant to make a profit for the farmer and are not meant for the show ring. My sheep are hoof rot free. They are used to electric fencing and herding dogs as well as guard dogs.

My Stud Rams:

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Purebred White Dorper (WD) ewe lambs: $275 each.* Purebred WD ewe lambs will shed and will breed out of season or will have a very long breeding season. Shedding is guaranteed.

7/8 percentage White Dorper (WD) ewe lambs: $225 each.* Percentage WD females are in appearance very similar to purebred WD. Their production record is the same. They are less expensive and you can get your own purebred WD flock by purchasing additional unrelated purebred WD ram lambs. They shed similarly. They breed in part out of season or will have a long breeding season. They shed partially to mostly, some even fully.

*Picked up at the farm, price does not include health certificate needed for out-of-state sales.

Ram lambs:

Purebred White Dorper (WD) ram lambs $350 each*

*Picked up at the farm, price does not include health certificate needed for out-of-state sales.

I sell purebred White Dorper ram lambs sired by a new group of Lewis White Dorper rams, all fully shedding. I select the top twenty percent of all born ram lambs for breeding purpose. Further selection takes place as these ram lambs grow up. Usually, only twin-born rams are selected with the occasional exception being a single-born ram lamb out of a twin-born ewe that lambs for the very first time.

If you also purchase ewe lambs, I can select a ram lamb for you that is unrelated to these ewe lambs that you can use him to breed these ewes.

White Dorper Ram Lambs

Kiko goats:

A few years ago I added a small number of Kiko goats to my flock of sheep. Goats are known to browse more than they graze which makes them excellent for weed control where sheep fail. These goats eat down the vines growing along my woven wire fence and eat down other invasive weeds like Tartarian honeysuckle and Spotted Knapweed. Many goat breeds are less hardy than sheep and therefore add labor to a sheep enterprise. I find these Kiko goats as the hardiest goat breed I have encountered and yet the easiest going breed that fits in with sheep. But make no mistake, a goat is still a goat. If you have a hole in the fence, a goat will find it.

Doe kid: $275*
Buck kid: $325*

*Picked up at the farm, price does not include health certificate needed for out-of-state sales.

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