The Location
White Clover Sheep Farm is located in the Western Fingerlakes area near Canandaigua Lake in Yates County, NY.


The Farm
The sheep and goats graze on about 100 acres of pasture from spring through early winter. The flock gets supplemented with hay during the rest of the winter.


The Livestock
There are about 200 purebred White Dorper ewes and a dozen Kiko goats.

If you are looking to buy breeding stock to start your own White Dorper flock, big or small, click on "White Dorpers for Sale" and learn more about my flock on pasture with no grain.  I also sell a limited number of purebred Kiko goats.

The Dogs
The flock is tended by German Shepherd Dogs and guarded by an Akbash.

Season Greetings from the Kintzel Family

Flock Grazing

White Clover Sheep Farm
Ulf Kintzel
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