Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can train a dog with me?

A: Anyone who is interested in titling a GSD or a different tending dog with an HGH herding title. Please only inquire about training if you are serious about titling your dog.

Q: What prior experience does one need?

A: None whatsoever. The handler will learn all what is needed here.

Q: What prior experience does my dog need?

A: None whatsoever. The dog will learn all what is needed here.

Q: How old should the dog be when starting herding?

A: About one year of age is a good time to start. Two to three year old dogs are ideal. However, the dog can be as old as about 5 years when starting training.

Q: How regular does the training need to be in order to be successful?

A: About once a week on average. It does not mean a student MUST come every week. Exceptions like vacation, illness, personal matters may apply. However, it means that less than once a week training on average does not lead to the desired results. Just prior to trialing, more frequent lessons may be necessary or desired.

Q: What breed of dog works for tending?

A: I am a German Shepherd Dog person and clearly prefer GSDs. However, I have also worked with Briards and Beaucerons, Belgian Sheepdogs, Tervuren and Malinois. Other common herding breeds like Border Collies etc. do not suit this style of herding.

Q: If I have a GSD what line does my dog need to come from?

A: The dog will be tested as an individual and will be evaluated according to its abilities and potential, not according to its blood line or country of origin.

Q: How do I start with training?

A: With an instinct test. We can make an appointment, let's test the dog on sheep and we will take it from there.

Q: Is the title a recognized working title?

A: The HGH title is equal to a SchH title and therefore a working title recognized by the SV, USA and WDA.

Q: What if my dog has HD?

A: When a dog has mild HD it is actually best to keep the dog exercised. All dogs that had mild HD and did herding benefited from it. A dog with severe HD is not suitable for herding.

Q: What is the size of the class?

A: There are no classes. There are only individual lessons.


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