The next HGH herding trial will be held on October 13, 2018 from 9 AM to 2 PM. Our SV judge from Germany will be Manfred Voigt.


The judge, competitors, and dog owners during the ceremony.


HGH Herding Competition in Rushville, NY

Our 21st Annual HGH Herding Competition took place on October 14, 2017. The First HGH Herding Club hosted this trial at White Clover Sheep Farm in Rushville, NY. SV Herding Judge, Herr Herbert Kind, who judged for the first time in the US, evaluated this event according to the SV herding regulations. Three dogs were entered, all of them were German Shepherd Dogs.

Warm and sunny weather greeted the 100 plus spectators who came to observe this interesting event. The owner of the flock of more than 200 sheep, Ulf Kintzel, ran first. This run was done for title only and not as a part of the ranking of the competition. Ulf showed Whisky von SentinelHarts, aka “Brandy” owned by Camilla Hart and co-owned by Leslie Root Marquis and finished with 95 points and a “V” (Excellent) rating. This score earned Whisky the “Best New Dog” trophy.

Second run of the day was Kristin Siarkowicz with her Lara vom Dolderbrunnen. Kristin & Lara are long-time participants and won this trial on several occasions. In the end, Lara’s run amounted to 94 points, a “V” (Excellent) rating. Kristin won first place and the challenge trophy sponsored by late Charlie and late Roberta Kaman (Fidelco, Guide Dogs for the Blind), which will reside with her for the next year. This was also Lara’s retirement run.

The third run of the day was done by Gylla MacGregor with her Hera vom Quasliner Moor. Hera’s run amounted to 89 points, a “SG” (Very Good) rating. Gylla finished with the second place and the Beth Johnson Memorial Medal for "Runner up". Just like Lara, this was also Hera’s retirement run.

Following the last run the protection tests for all dogs took place.

Then it was time for lunch. The many spectators enjoyed White Clover Sheep Farm’s sheep hotdogs and the plentiful side dishes club members and long-time spectators had brought with them. After that, the ceremony concluded this event.

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Whisky von SentinelHarts, aka “Brandy” during the traffic from in front. She made ample room for the car to pass.

Lara vom Dolderbrunnen is standing attentively during the re-pen.

Hera vom Quasliner Moor is guarding at the bridge that all sheep go over it and none around.

White Clover Sheep Farm
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