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Living The Dream: New American Opportunities
Sheep! Magazine
July/August 2014, pp 36-38

December 2015
Grassroots Farm Bureau New York Interview

Articles about sheep farming I wrote for Farming Magazine:

Breeding Season

Lambing Season

Grazing Sheep

Internal Parasites

Perfect Pasture

State Of Grass Farming

Herding Dogs

Yearly Cycle


Birds on the Farm

When to Start and When to Finish Grazing

Grafting Lambs–The Head Gate

Pasture Rest, Rotation Schedule, Stock Density...

Breed Selection

Red Clover in Sheep Pasture?

Bush-hogging Pasture

Global Warming, Anyone?

Raising Sheep Without Grain – “It Can Be Done!

What Makes Raising Sheep Profitable

Growing Mushrooms

Weaning Lambs?

Carrying Capacity with Sheep

Sheep Comfort

Grazing in the Snow

Quality of Hay for Grass-fed Sheep

Sheep Management The Deadly Barber Pole Worm

The Vaccination Schedule for Sheep

The Customer Is Always King

Hoof Care for Sheep


Upgrading an Existing Flock or Starting Anew?

Articles about sheep farming I wrote for Small Farm Quarterly:

Minerals for Sheep

Pasture Bloat in Sheep

Managing a Sheep Breeding Season

Managing The Lambing Season

How to Get Started with Sheep

Raising and Finishing Lambs on Pasture

When do Sheep Need Shelter?

Weaning Age of Lambs

Marketing sheep and lambs

Part I: Does Raising Sheep Pay?

Part II: Does Raising Sheep Pay?

Internal Parasite Management In Sheep

Choosing A Breed for a Pasture Based Sheep Farm

Electric Netting for Sheep

Livestock Guardian Dogs

In Defense of Specialization

Winter versus Spring Lambing

Does Red Clover Cause Infertility in Sheep?

The Chute

Sheep Barn Interior Design: Wooden Panels

Electric Nettings For Sheep: Useful Tips

What Is the Ideal Weight for a Market Lamb?

The Importance of Residual Forage


Copper Poisoning and Copper Deficiency in Sheep

Sheep Pasture: Orchard Grass

Sheep Pasture: White Clover

List of Items for a Beginning Sheep Farmer, Part One

List of Items for a Beginning Sheep Farmer, Part Two

Quality of Winter Forage for Grass-fed Sheep

Rotational Grazing: How Often Should I Rotate?

Crayons How Crayons Inspired My Sheep Tracking Systems

Crayons Save Money with DIY Hay Feeders

Crayons Grazing Goats with Your Flock of Sheep

Crayons Watering the Flock

Crayons Caring for Rams Beyond Breeding Season

Crayons Buying a Ram for Breeding Purposes

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