Sheep Herding Trial: Saturday, October 2, 2021, from 9 AM to about 2 PM at White Clover Sheep Farm, 683 Bagley Road in Rushville, NY.

Judge: SV Herding Judge Herbert Kind

German Shepherd Dogs tending a flock of more than 200 sheep.
5 runs, each run lasting for about one hour. A run resembles an old world’s shepherd’s day in a miniature.

Parking: 300 yards North of driveway. Senior citizen parking in driveway. Parking for horse and buggies: across the street at the Burkholder's farm.

Walk in at the driveway. Admission is free. Spectators are welcome.
Food and drinks will be available. Come hungry!

The event is children-friendly. Please absolutely no pets!
Limited seating - bring a chair.

A program with all relevant info will be available for $5.


Herding Trial i n Rushville NY



HGH Herding Competition in Rushville, NY

Results of our 23nd annual HGH Herding Competition on October 5, 2019, judged by SV Herding Judge Peter Brückner:

Xcorpio von SentinelHarts

Xcorpio von SentinelHarts, bred and owned by Camilla Hart and handled by Ulf Kintzel, is making room for the car to pass from the front.  He was shown for title only and finished with an Excellent (V) and 93 points.

Carmen vom Shepherdgate

Carmen vom Shepherdgate is jumping into the pen to move the sheep out.
She is owned by Daphne Carey and was also handled by Ulf Kintzel and shown for title only and finished with an Excellent (V) and 94 points. Carmen won the “Best New Dog” trophy.

Cayda vom Shepherdgate

Cayda vom Shepherdgate is guarding the gate at the pen while the sheep are entering.
She is owned and handled by Kristin Siarkowicz and finished first with an Excellent (V) and 95 points, winning the Challenge Trophy sponsored by Charles & Roberta Kaman.

Cora vom Shepherdgate

Runner-up Cora vom Shepherdgate, owned and handled by Gylla MacGregor, is being sent to the other side of the narrow graze. She also received an Excellent (V) and 92 points. Carmen, Cayda, and Cora are littermates, bred by Daphne Carey, NJ.

Ansel von der Druckerei

Ansel von der Druckerei, bred, owned and handled by Kathy DiStaso, is patrolling at the border of the wide graze to keep the sheep from straying. He is received a Good (G) with 77 points.

White Clover Sheep Farm
Ulf Kintzel
683 Bagley Road  -  Rushville, NY  -  14544  -  Phone/Fax: (585) 554-3313